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This company should be closed down. They already have 65 complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

They deliverd half-dead flowers 3 days late after comfirming that they would deliver on-time and on the day that the delivery was supposed to occur. The evening of the day the flowers were supposed to be delivered, I tried to cancel the order (the surprise was now ruined) and they refused to cancel the order and were very rude to me, using profanities and hanging up on me twice. When the flowers were delivered 3 days after delivery date and after I tried canceling the order, the recipient refused to accept them and the delivery man stuffed them in her face and was very rude as well and went on a rampage about the G20 summit (totally unrelated?!?) This company and the people working for this company are corrupt and the unfortunate thing is that they continue to provide inadequate business to unsuspecting customers across the GTA.

I really wish there was a way to let the larger public know about the scams that are occuring within this company. In addition, they charged an admin fee to my credit card that I was totally unaware of.

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Do not buy from them!!!!!!

here is the reason why

I received my order in the late afternoon and the flowers looked nothing like the flowers that I have order from the website. From the image online, it shows Violet Iris, however, the product that I received is Yellow Chrysanthemum, and on top of that the orange daisies were broken. I specifically order this bouquet because they were beautiful and did not contain chrysanthemum. The flowers were for my mother’s birthday and in the my culture chrysanthemum are used in funerals; Aside from that point, if Irises are not in season, why didn’t anyone notify me about changing the flowers in the first place? I did not pay over $60 to get wrong and broken flowers. I also ordered a card with this bouquet, which again, was unsatisfactory. The words were printed off from the computer, cut and pasted onto the card which a part of it was peeling off. I paid an additional 3.99 for a card like that? i thanks them very much for ruining her first birthday overseas with us

On top of this whole issue, I’ve try to reach the company at least 10 times yesterday immediately after I received these unsuitable flowers. During the 10 times, only once did someone pick up and I was put on hold for at least 20 minutes. I called again today and the person I just spoke with used a impolite tone and kept telling me to go online to read the substitution policy (I have just went online and cannot find it), he had also dropped my call because he had someone else on another line. What type of hospitality service is this? the call center staff is rude and impolite and did not show any sides of concern.

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